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Large Size 210mm “Casting Mono” Series of LDK Group Light SNEC 2020
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       The Annual Photovoltaic Event SNEC 2020 got started on Aug.8th in Shanghai, reported cnr.cn. Nanjing, Aug.9th. Technology and product innovation are still the focus of attention of SNEC. As the third consecutive year of new product launch, the large size 210mm casting mono series was blockbuster launched. Meanwhile, its R&D group updated the latest technological progress of high efficiency perovskite/c-Si tandem solar cell.
       The conversion efficiency of casting mono wafer through diamond wire saw process is within 0.3% lower than that of CZ mono wafer, but 18% cost lower as well. Casting mono perfectly match high efficiency solar cell technology, having the average conversion efficiency of 22.21%. Furthermore, its cost is significantly lower than products with equal conversion efficiency in the market. The application of large-size 210mm casting mono wafer brought the module a new era of 500w, which means power of 50 pieces of modules can reach to 500Wp+, and the cost per kilowatt hour of PV power system is lower.
       High efficiency perovskite/c-Si tandem solar cell is the 3rd generation technology of solar cell. Its simple process and low cost have been the research hotspot in PV industry, and might become the mainstream technology of PV cell in the future.  
       Xianhui Chen, the experienced academician of China Scientific Academy, Professor of Physics University of Science and Technology of China, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of Engineering Technology Committee of National Engineering Research Center for Photovoltaic Technology, He said, "The large-size 210mm casting mono series conform to the PV market trend of larger size. Larger size silicon wafer means more cost-effective, more favorable for cost reduction, higher efficiency, and stronger market competitiveness.” “The large-size 210mm series casting mono can strengthen the competitiveness of users, and also play a positive role in promoting the PV industry to realize " grid parity " “He said, " high efficiency perovskite/c-Si tandem solar cell belongs to the 3rd generation of solar cells, with good stability, simple process and low cost. In short, it is cost-effective, which meets the demand of photovoltaic cost reduction, efficiency increase and grid parity. "It may become a new favorite and mainstream product in the future photovoltaic cell market. It might become a new favorite and mainstream product in the future PV cell market. "
       Liang He, the deputy director of LDK R&D center introduced the properties of large-size 210mm casting mono wafer, he said:” Large size silicon wafer is the trend of market as an imminent solution to cost reduction. For production line, large size wafer improves the yield of silicon wafer, cells and module to decrease the production cost per watt. For product side, large size silicon wafer improves module power through design optimization of solar cell and module. For system side, power and efficiency increasing of single module and larger size of silicon wafer reduces the cost of support bracket, combing manifolds, cable and land, etc., and finally dilute the system cost per watt.
       LDK Group is regarded as “Huangpu Military Academy in Chinese PV industry”. It owns a National Engineering Research Center of Photovoltaic Technology, a technical talent team led by 3 academicians and 10 professors. LDK Solar has obtained 235 authorized patens including 19 core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. LDK Solar have awarded as the “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”. LDK Solar has applied for over 40 patents, 35 authorized patens with 19 innovation patents included since 2018. It has awarded 1 Outstanding Chinese patent, 1 China Invention Award• Character Award.
       “The latest new product will provide an effective, powerful and competitive weapon for our cooperators, and will make a fresh contribution to “grid parity”. LDK Group will continue to develop high performance products to meet market demands and promote PV industry development.” President Wenping Wang said, “Where there is sunshine, there is hope for PV industry.”
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