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Company Profile
       LDK Solar Technology Group is a national high-tech enterprise which concentrates on production and sales of silicon ingot, wafers, solar cells, modules as well as the construction and operation of solar power plants. LDK Solar was registered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province in July, 2007. LDK Solar has gained management system certifications of ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 etc., and it aims to provide clients with high-quality products and services.
       LDK Solar has strong strength in R&D. It has launched its M-series high efficiency multi-wafers with independent intellectual property rights, which led multi-wafers move into a high efficiency era. The world’s first octagonal G7 ingot produced by LDK Solar won the Terawatt Diamond Award of the Top Ten Highlights of the 12th (2018) Shanghai SNEC PV Exhibition.
       In May 2018, the LDK launched several products of industry leading, including high-efficiency casting mono wafers Lush Mountains series, high-efficiency casting mono solar cells Lucid Wafer series and high-efficiency multi-cells.
       In June 2019, LDK Solar launched new generation large-size casting mono series with outstanding “output”---casting mono wafers “Lush Mountains” series, casting mono solar cells “Lucid Water” series, and casting mono PV modules “Blue Sky” series in the SNEC 13th 2019. The casting mono module “Blue Sky” series with 400W+ high power output eventually led the PV industry move into PV Production 4.0 era with 400W modules as the mainstream product. 19 core technologies of casting moon with independent intellectual property rights went public in SNEC 2019 shows the pioneering position of LDK Solar in casting mono field. “Casting Mono 166mm Series” of LDK Group has won the Gigawatts Award of the Top Ten Highlights of SNEC 2019.
       In August 2020, LDK launched the worldwide size-led 210mm casting mono series during the 14th (2020) Shanghai SNEC PV Exhibition. The conversion efficiency of casting mono wafer processed by diamond wire saw is within 0.3% lower and 18% cost lower than that of CZ mono wafer. Casting mono wafer perfectly match high efficiency solar cell technology, having the average conversion efficiency of 22.21%. Furthermore, its cost is considerably lower than products of equal conversion efficiency. The application of large-size 210mm casting mono wafer brought the module a new era of 500W, which means power of 50 pieces of modules can reach to 500Wp+ with lower per kilowatt hour cost of PV power system. LDK “210mm Casting mono Wafer” (Lush Mountains series LM6) has won the highest award---Terawatt Diamond Award of the Top Ten Highlights of SNEC2020. 
       LDK Group has excellent technological, talent and brand advantages. LDK Group owns technological R&D platforms including a National Engineering Research Center of Photovoltaic Technology, Academician Programme, Postdoctoral Programme and a R&D Center which is regarded as “Huangpu Military Academy in Chinese PV Industry”. LDK Group has a technical R&D team headed by the Engineering Technical Committee composed of 3 academicians and 10 professors. LDK’s trademark has always been a famous brand in Jiangxi Province, and its wafers, solar cells and other PV products enjoy a good reputation in the market. Keep focusing on the most cutting-edge technologies worldwide, actively explores new models of innovative development, creates a new developing route of technology leading and high quality, LDK Group strives to be a technology-based enterprise with light assets.
       Let’s work together hands in hands for a win-win future!
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