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In July 2005, registered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province.
In April 2006, successfully produced the first batch of multicrystalline wafers.
In August 2008, annualized wafer capacity reached 1GW, became the largest multicrystalline wafer manufacturer in the world by capacity.
In 2010,reached 4GW Wafer Production Capacity and its revenue surpassed 20 billion.
In September 2010,LDK Solar cells successfully put into production.
In 2011,The Group sales revenue surpassed 32 billion, became top 500 enterprise in China for four successive years.
In May 2012, launched new product high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M2 in Shanghai.
In October 2012, launched new product high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M3 in Taiwan.
In May 2014, launched new product high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M4 in Shanghai.
In February 2014, “National Engineering Research Center for Photovoltaic Technology” was successfully approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
In August 2017, produced the world’s first octagonal G7 ingot.
In January 2018, LDK enters a new development era.
In May 2018, in the 13th (2019) Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition's top ten highlights, LDK's "new leap in the field of multi- ingot —— octagonal silicon ingot" won the highest level of terawatt Diamond Award
In December 2018, the 2018 working meeting of the Expert Technical Committee of the National Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center, which was undertaken and managed by LDK Solar Group, was held in Xinyu. The committee hired 3 academicians and 10 professors to build the new Saiwei's technology "think tank"  " 
In May 2019, the 2nd world Jiangxi entrepreneurs’ conference was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. The provincial government awarded 50 entrepreneurs the title of "Excellent Jiangxi Entrepreneurs Returning to Invest in Jiangxi Province". Of which Gan Shengquan, President and CEO of Saiwei Solar Technology Group, was awarded the title. 
In May 2019, in the release event  of the 2019 (sixth) China brand influence evaluation, Saiwei Solar Technology Group was awarded one of " Top Ten Innovative Brands of 2019 China Brand Influence in the New Energy Industry". Gan Shengquan, President and CEO of LDK Solar Group, was awarded one of "Top Ten Role Models of 2019 China Brand Influence in New Energy Field" 
In June 2019, in the Top Ten Highlights Selection of 13th (2019) SNEC, the "Casting Mono Product (166 Series)" of LDK Solar Group, won the GW Gold Award of Top Ten Highlights. 
On August 7, 2019, Yi Lianhong, deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Governor, visited LDK Solar Group for inspection
On September 17, 2019, LDK Solar Group signed the contract of 2 GW photovoltaic power plant project with Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. This is the first phase of LDK Solar’s photovoltaic power plant project in Cambodia. It is expected that the project will form an investment scale of about CNY 6 billion 
On November 27, 2019, the release and award ceremony of the “PV TOP 50” of 2019 Innovative Enterprises was held in Suzhou. LDK Solar Group won the “Top 50 Innovative Enterprises in the Photovoltaic Industry in 2019” and "Most Innovative Enterprise" 
On April 14, 2020, Liu Qi, Secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, visited LDK Solar Group for investigation
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