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●On April 14, Liu Qi, Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, visited LDK Solar for investigation
●On January 8, LDK Solar ’s annual commendation of 2019 and art show for celebrating the New Year was held in Xinyu Huajiali Palace with the theme of "Charming LDK Solar, Winning 2020". 
●On December 17, LDK Solar signed a memorandum of cooperation on 180MW photovoltaic project with Province du Haut-Uélé of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and will cooperate in the construction of solar plants, provide clean electric energy for D.R. Congo.
●On November 27, LDK Solar Group was awarded the "Top 50 Innovative Enterprises in the PV Industry in 2019" and the most innovative enterprise in "PV +" in the " 2019 top 50 innovative photovoltaic enterprises list in the photovoltaic industry and the award ceremony held in Suzhou. 
●On September 17, in the presence of the President of Cambodian People Party of Prey Veng Province and Council President for Prey Veng, and You Wangying, deputy secretary of Xinyu Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Xinyu City, Gan Shengquan, chairman of LDK Solar Group, and Chea Somethy, governor of Prey Veng Province, signed a contract for the 100 MW PV solar plant project in the provincial government office.
●On the morning of August 7, Yi Lianhong, vice secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and governor of Jiangxi Province, visited LDK Solar.
●On June 4-6, the opening ceremony of SNEC's 13th (2019) international solar photovoltaic and smart energy (Shanghai) exhibition and forum was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. LDK Solar Group launched a new generation of large-size DS- Mono products, including DS-Mono wafers “Lush Mountain" series, DS-Mono solar cells "Lucid Water" series and DS-Mono solar modules "Blue Sky" series, and released 19 core casting mono patents with independent intellectual property rights; the"166 casting mono series products of LDK Solar" won the GW Gold Award in SNEC's top 10 highlights.
●On May 19, the 2019 (the 6th) China brand influence evaluation results release activity was held in Beijing, LDK Solar Group won the "2019 Chinese Brand Influence New Energy Industry Top 10 Innovative Brands", and Gan Shengquan was awarded "the 2019 Top 10 Role Model of New Energy of Top 10 Chinese Brand Influence ".
●On May 19, the 2nd world Jiangxi entrepreneurs’ conference was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. The provincial government awarded 50 entrepreneurs the title of "Excellent Jiangxi Entrepreneurs Returning to Invest in Jiangxi Province". Of which Gan Shengquan was awarded the title.
●The 3rd “One Belt, One Road” and Strategic Cooperative Development Forum during April 3rd to April 7th selected the winners list of quality projects of Sino- Russian enterprises, of which LDK group won the gold medal.
●On March 11, LDK Solar Group won the "Enterprise Management Award", "Enterprise Technological Innovation Award" and "enterprise tax contribution award" in the 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting held by High-Tech Zone of Xinyu City.
●On January 12, the 2018 work report and commendation meeting of LDK Solar group with the theme of "go all out and win 2019" was held in conference room 208 of the administration building.
●In May 2018, Shengquan Gan, chairman of Ganshang Technology and Saiwei Solar Technology Group, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for 2018 SNEC PV Power Expo.
In May 2018, launched DS-mono silicon solar wafer Lush Mountainsseries LM1 and DS-Mono silicon solar cell Lucid Water series LW1 in Shanghai.
●In March 2018, Weiming Mao, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Executive vice Governor, made an in-depth inspection of Saiwei Solar Technology Group and guided related work.
In January 2018, LDK enters a new development era 
●In August 2017, produced the world’s first octagonal G7 ingot, which is a big breakthrough in Multi-crystalline ingot casting.
●In February 2007, Weiwen Zheng, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, made an in-depth inspection of Saiwei Solar Technology Group.
●In January 2017, Zengke Yao, deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee, made an in-depth inspection of Saiwei Solar Technology Group and praised its technology.
●In December 2016, Saiwei Solar Technology Group was awarded the Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise of Jiangxi Province of by Jiangxi Intellectual Property Office.
●In July 2016, the International Standard SEMI PV22-0716 of Specification for Silicon Wafers for Use in Photovoltaic Solar Cells edited by Saiwei Solar Technology Group was released, which is the first SEMI international standard in Jiangxi Province.
●In June 2016, 20MWp solar plant in Tangpu, Yifeng County constructed by Saiwei Solar Technology Group achieved on-grid successfully. 
●In December 2015, the first international freight train(from Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China to Rotterdam,the Netherlands) loaded with solar modules of Saiwei Solar Technology Group shipped to British customer on December 23.
●In May 2015, undertook the scientific and technological support plan of Jiangxi Province, of which three projects passed the expert appraisal and project acceptance organized by Jiangxi Science and Technology Department. The technical achievements  are identified as leading domestic level in China.
●In April 2015, announced successful conclusion of Provisional Liquidation
●In September 2014, Hydrochlorination Project in Mahong Plant was successfully tested
●In May 2014, launched new product high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M4 in Shanghai.
●In February 2014, “National Engineering Research Center for Photovoltaic Technology” was successfully approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
●In January 2013, announced the sale of shares to Fulai Investments
●In May 2012, launched new product high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M2 in Shanghai.
●In October 2012, launched new product high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M3 in Taiwan.
●In September 2010, completed the installation of its third 5000T production line in Mahong Plant.
●In 2011, the Group sales revenue surpassed 32 billion, became top 500 enterprise in China for four successive years.
●In 2010, reached 4GW wafer production capacity and its revenue surpassed 20 billion.
●In September 2010, its cells successfully put into production.
●In May 2010, completed the installation of its second 5000T production line in Mahong Plant, and its first production line has achieved full capacity.
●In April 2010, its wafer capacity reached 2GW, ranked No.1 in the world by capacity.
●In February 2010, acquired Best Solar’s crystalline module manufacturing plant
●In January 2009, completed the installation of its first 1000T production line in Xiacun Plant
●In July 2009, its R&D Center successfully launched a G6 ingot of 800KG
●In September 2009, completed the installation of its first 1000T production line in Xiacun Plant
●In August 2008, annualized wafer capacity reached 1GW, became the largest multicrystalline wafer manufacturer in the world by capacity.
●In February 2007, Nanchang University-Ldksolar Research Center established
In June 2007, listed in NYSE
●In August 2007, started to build the 15000T polysilicon plant in Mahong and the 3000T polysilicon plant in Xiacun.
●In April 2006, successfully produced the first batch of multicrystalline wafers.
●In August 2006, selected in 'RED HERRING Asia Top 100'
●In July 2005, registered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province.
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