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      LDK Solar devotes to manufacturing products to satisfy the current and future PV market demand, having successfully researched and launched high efficiency multi-crystalline wafer M series and high efficiency casting mono wafers Lush Mountains series. Its new high efficiency multi-crystalline wafers have adopted special casting technology, of which key technologies have obtained USP, Korean Patent and several state invention patents and awarded as the Chinese Patent Award of Excellence in 2016, the Patent Award of Jiangxi Provincial in 2017, which has established the leading position of LDK Solar’s high efficiency wafer technology.
      Relying on the advanced manufacturing facilities and technological strength, LDK Solar devotes to the R&D and application of high efficiency products. The high efficiency multi-crystalline wafers M series with independent intelligent property right have lead multi-crystalline wafer into an era of high efficiency. Its high efficiency multi-crystalline Wafer M2, M3, M4 gained excellent market share with higher conversion efficiency and more concentrated efficiency distribution. In 2008, LDK Solar launched casting mono wafers (LM1) lush mountains series and M6 MCCE wafer; In 2019, LDK Solar focuses on the R&D and popularizing its new generation large size(166+) casting mono wafer(LM2) Lush Mountains series, of which the conversion efficiency and economic benefits were both further improved. In 2020, as a part of a wider trend, LDK Solar developed large size (182mm) casting mono wafer (LM5) and large size (210mm) casting mono wafer (LM6) Lush Mountains series. Compared with the conventional multi-crystalline wafer, its dislocation density is lower than 104/cm2 and the mono structure can easily form a pyramid surface texture which can highly match the process of diamond slicing and PERC with solar cell efficiency of 22.4%, greatly decreasing the degradation rate and power generation cost.
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