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Shengquan Gan, Chairman of LDK Group, send greetings to the Chinese New Year: Set sail forth to win the battle of 2020
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      Firecracker bids farewell to the old year, Violet gas welcomes the Chinese New Year. Today is the first day of the rural New Year, I hereby, together with the top managers of LDK Group and my family, extends my sincere thanks to all the leaders, partners and friends of various circles, who have once cared, supported and helped LDK Group; to all staff who paid hard work for the development of LDK Group, as well as their families; to all the colleagues who used to work for LDK Group. Wish all of you a happy New Year!
        Review the work of last year, there is a hard sweat, and joy of harvest as well.
        The production operation is steady and rising. With the fierce market competition, the production and sales of our major products remained high by historical standards. In particular, big increase(compared with the previous year) in sales and revenue of cell line turned a profit. 
        Development of the “Belt and Road” market was very well. We signed new energy project development agreements with a total capacity over 30GW with the Belt and Road countries through developing Belt and Road market as the overseas development strategy and critical arrangement last year. LDK Group will be definitely revitalized and create glory again along with the projects implemented and launched.
        R&D has achieved fruitful results. Last year, we continued to carry out the strategy of asset-light technology-based enterprise. Our technology and research have made fruitful achievements and vital breakthrough based on the National Engineering Research Center for Photovoltaic Technology and Academician Programme, meanwhile, the core competencies have been upheld and strengthened.
        In terms of social concern, LDK has made unremitting efforts to fulfill its social responsibilities and obligations. We walked into the home of empty nesters and disabled children, actively participated in social commonweal activities. Organized a “flash mob” to sing for our motherland, and the whole office parks of LDK Solar was surrounded by patriotism. The historical problems of social security charges owned was settled it once and for all last year, etc. All of these above-mentioned reflects well on the harmonious atmosphere, great love feelings and social responsibility of LDK Solar.
        It might be a beginning point for PV industry together to embrace the grid parity completely in 2020. No subsidy time approaching day by day. High technology, high quality, high conversion efficiency and low cost will be the theme of PV industry. Fierce market competitions will be heating up based on these themes. Only powerful or even revolutionary R&D competence, hardcore products with high quality, high conversion efficiency and low cost, and passionate and wolfish workforce would help to win the market.  
        LDK Group has set the operation goal for 2020. Technology and equipment modification, improvement of production capacity, construction of PV power plant, revitalize stale assets, striving for an access to capital markets, excellent staff building, etc., will help LDK Solar to be a winner in 2020.
       Success, vision and target are all depend on hard work. Careful deployment by the management and resolutely implementation by the managers and staff achieves our goals. Hope our R&D people have courage to innovate and make breakthrough, to break down technical barriers. Hope our salesmen dare to break through the market, be wolfish and unstoppable. Hope our production operators focus on small details, work hard for cost reduction and efficiency increasing. Hope our support crews do the job well, provide abundant “ammunition, food and grass” for first-line colleagues. LDK Solar pulled together towards a common goal and don’t stop till get there. 
       I visited many Belt and Road countries in 2019, I deeply feel the eager anticipation of PV energy and heartfelt sincere desire for cooperation with LDK Solar from the local officials and people. I hope our PV products could bring them with light and hope in 2020. Hope the brand of LDK will be splendid in the Belt and Road countries, hope LDK flag flies high in the Belt and Road countries. This must not only the dream of mine but each LDK people. We will definitely have this wish met as long as we put our hands together. 
       I hereby again, wish you good healthy, happiness for you and your family, and good luck in everything in this New Year!                   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chairman of LDK Group
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jan.25, 2020

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